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Find your way around and through Crawford County, one road trip at a time.

Crawford County, Wisconsin is known for winding roads that offer picturesque views of the county’s natural beauty. These winding roads are a result of the county’s location in the Driftless Area, which is characterized by its rugged terrain of steep hills, deep valleys, and wandering streams.

The roads meander through the county’s countryside, offering visitors an opportunity to see the county’s natural beauty up close. They pass through rolling hills, dense forests, and open prairies, as well as streams and rivers. The roads are surrounded by colorful wildflowers in the spring, lush green landscapes in the summer, vibrant fall foliage in the autumn, and become a veritable winter wonderland in the coldest months of the year.

Driving on these unique roads is an experience in itself, as they wend through the countryside, offering a glimpse of the county’s unique topography and diverse landscapes.

Additionally, the winding roads also offer a chance to explore the county’s small towns and villages, each with their own character and charm. Visitors can stop at local shops, restaurants, and taverns, and discover the county’s rich history and culture.

This page is a jumping off point for various suggested tours through the county, depending on the direction you’re taking or the places you may want to go. Crawford County has something for everyone!


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