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Welcome to the history page of Crawford County, Wisconsin!

This page is dedicated to exploring the rich and diverse history of our county, from its earliest days to the present. Crawford County is home to a variety of historical sites, landmarks, and buildings that tell the story of our community and the people who have lived here.

As we delve into the history of Crawford County, you’ll discover a land shaped by the forces of nature and the people who have called it home. From the Native American tribes who first inhabited the area, to the European settlers of the 1800s, to the lead miners and farmers of today, the story of Crawford County is one of resilience and determination.

But Crawford County is not just a place of the past, it’s also a place of vibrant community, where people are strong and proud. As you explore the county, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the natural beauty of the Driftless Area. You’ll also find historical sites and landmarks that tell the story of the county’s past.

We hope this page will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of Crawford County’s past, and inspire you to explore the county’s historical sites and landmarks for yourself.