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Where the Kickapoo and Wisconsin Meet

Welcome to Wauzeka!

On the banks of the Kickapoo River, a stone’s throw from where it meets the Wisconsin River is the Village of Wauzeka. Situated along WI 60, Wauzeka is a haven for fishing and boating activities. A quaint village with a small downtown area near the Kickapoo River Landing, Wauzeka is peaceful and laidback.

Back in the mid nineteenth century, Wauzeka was a bustling sawmill town, processing timber sent down the Kickapoo River and shipping it out on the nearby railroad to far-off destinations. As the timber industry waned, the village quieted and eventually the railroad went away as well.

Wauzeka is a great jumping off point for several nearby outdoor destinations, namely the Wauzeka Bottoms State Natural Area, where you can wander amidst floodplain forests, Kickapoo Wildlife Area-Wauzeka Unit that includes the Kickapoo Wild Woods State Natural Area, and the less developed Plum Creek Conservation Area where you can enjoy hunting, fishing, paddling, and other low-impact recreation.

WI 60, a Wisconsin Scenic Byway is a winding drive that brings you to Wauzeka from the east or the west, along the Wisconsin River. If you are adventurous, or simply love backroads, get here by travelling WI 131, which follows the entirety of the Kickapoo River from north to south, or by travelling County Highway N from WI 27, where you get a great view of the Wisconsin River Valley as you descend to Wauzeka.

However you get there, once you arrive in Wauzeka, you’ll want to stay for a while, so be sure to visit their home page for more information on local government, school, and businesses. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there!